When someone decides to break in to your home.

When someone decides to break in to your home.

When someone decides to break in to your home.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but you should already know by now that things are heating up. The stories we get from security professionals doing installations are horrible enough to keep us constantly updating our own security system and the perimeter around our property.

  • Security Cameras are a must have right now, First line of defense.
I’m not going to take a 💩💩on WiFi and cloud based cameras just yet but what if your internet goes down due to something you couldn’t control. This happened to someone we know and are now reflecting on it. How are we addressing it, local NVR with a back uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to the system.
  • Second motion sensors are a must have, if you have the ones that are basic for flood lights to deter a would be criminal that’s ok.


You could step it up and add it to your security system.Too many of you only have motion sensors for inside the house only and that’s already too late, by then it’s pew pew time and hopefully you are good at that as well, so get outdoor sensors on that perimeter.

  • Third will be your door hardware, most of the people who we hear had a break in had shitty door hardware or at times good hardware poorly installed.

YouTube university will never replace an experienced professional installer but if you want to go ahead and chance your family’s security to your new found knowledge hear me out: stop returning crap because you claimed it doesn’t work since you graduated from YouTube and now are a professional alarm installer.

  • Home alarm’s is your next step, again stop depending on cheap alarms from Walmart for your safety.


I’m again not trying to 💩💩 on anyone’s products but if you hear what we hear you would understand. We have kids and the stories are horrific, you already know things are getting worst by the day so be safe and sleep with a piece of mind.


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