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Norton ADAEZ Complete Pro Unit Wireless Door Operator Kit Push/Pull ADA compliant

$1,949.00 USD

The ADA EZ is an automatic door opener providing easy access without the need for electrical power. It is designed for institutional, high traffic manual opening applications that occasionaly require automatic operation. The regenerative drive system charges an onboard battery battery pack every time the door is manually opened, eliminating the need for electrical power to the device. Included are two wireless push button transmitters, a door opener mount (please specify whether the door will be pushed or pulled open), and the battery operated opener. Specs:the 
3 year limited warranty
95 degree maximum opening
Up to 48", 250 lb. doors
Adjustable Opening/Closing force
Mounting Diagram included
Meets the provisions of: ANSI Standards A117.1, A156.19, The Americans with Disabilities Act, Conforms to UL325 and FCC standards

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