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Paxton Access Paxton10 Control Server camera and door management 003-375-US

$1,424.99 USD

About – A single Paxton10 server is required to support up to 1000 doors across multiple sites. Paxton10’s modular, one door controller architecture provides a cost-effective solution that supports camera and door management from a single controller.


The Paxton10 Server is an Intel manufactured product and is therefore not covered by the Paxton 5-year warranty. Paxton supports a 3-year warranty for this product, as supplied by Intel.

  • No software install required, license free
  • No configuration required, simply browse to the weblink on the unit
  • Cross platform compatibility (PC/Mac/Linux) via Google Chrome and Safari
  • 32GB USB back-up – for added peace of mind
  • Automatic back-up and flexible system restore in the event of drive failure
  • Integrated with Windows as standard