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Alarm Lock

Alarm Lock RR-TRILOGY-kit Remote Release Kit For All Trilogy Cylindrical Models

$175.00 USD

Trilogy Remote Release Kit - Retrofit Wireless Convenience to any Cylindrical Trilogy

Add Remote Release convenience to any cylindrical Trilogy installation with keyfob(s) or desk-mounted button

Easy & Cost Effective

Retrofits Cylindrical Trilogy Locks dating all the way back to 2000 with a serviceable battery pack

Buy components separately -or -the Keyfob & Receiver in the 



Remote release kit for all Trilogy Cylindrical models includes the 

RR-1BUTTON for desk mount applications and RR-RECEIVER which is designed to be installed inside the battery compartment next to the battery pack of any cylindrical Trilogy lock. The RR- RECEIVER connects to the 2 white remote release wires inside the battery compartment and to the black and red battery pack wires to power the receiver. These kits will retro fit to any existing cylindrical Trilogy manufactured since 1994