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FIBARO Z-Wave Plus smart implant FGBS-222 US

$47.99 USD

The Fibaro Smart Implant is as powerful as it is tiny. Roughly the size of a quarter, the Smart Implant acts as a low-voltage and digital signal converter for a variety of useful applications. It upgrades your analog devices by making them controllable through your Z-Wave hub. The Smart Implant accepts up to 6 temperature sensors, 1 temp/humidity sensor, 4 analog sensors (2 2-wire and 2 3-wire) and 2 binary sensors.

The built-in temperature sensor can handle temperatures between -67°F and 259°F, making it perfect for freezer or boiler room applications. Connect a waterproof DS18B20 probe to the Smart Implant for accurate water temp monitoring (your pet fish will thank you!).

Give Z-Wave to your existing IP security camera and have a Z-Wave motion sensor trigger video recording, or use the camera’s motion detection to trigger any Z-Wave scene. Get custom text/email alerts from devices you’ve never been able to monitor remotely before, keeping your home safe and efficient.

The Smart Implant not only acts as a Z-Wave Plus signal repeater to strengthen your Z-Wave network, it also features the latest S2 security protocol and bank-grade AES-128 signal encryption for secure connections.