Kaba Mas Cencon Generation 2 Shunted Back Cover 201176

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Kaba Mas Cencon Generation 2 Shunted Back Cover

For field back cover replacement: The recommended procedure when installing a Gen2 back cover onto a new lock or a replacement lock is to ensure that a new silver dial decal that displays the numeral “II” under the word Kaba is placed on the dial. The new dial decal will help visually identify from the front of the ATM that a lock is using the Gen2 back cover.

• If back cover has only 2 connectors, use the standard black “KABA” decal. • If back cover has 4 connectors, use the new silver decal marked “KABA II”.

*WARNING: Do not remove clock battery or black retainer. Doing so resets the clock to 1-1-2000 and requires a programmed key.

Serial Number Display

The Gen2 lock’s Serial Number is a 9-digit number. To display the Lock Serial Number, press “#” and then “2” when “EC” is displayed.

Important Note: If the Gen2 serial number is displayed as only a 6-digit number, you can use this Gen2 serial number in versions of Cencon and CenBank software released before 2009. If the Gen2 lock serial number displays as a 9-digit number, you must use Cencon version 4.0 or higher, and a USB key box, to activate the lock.

The Electronics System Card: Gen2 system card now includes a coin cell battery for the internal clock. The Gen1 has no coin cell battery. Also the Gen2 card S/N label shows a 9-digit serial number while the Gen1 card S/N label shows only a 6-digit serial number.

The Back of the Lock Case: Gen2 has 4 connectors on the back (a change key connector, a 9-pin alarm output, a new 4-pin signal input, and a new 10-pin future interface port). Gen1 only has two connectors (the change key connector and the 9-pin alarm output connector.)