NL Lock Rotobolt Package LKM500

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Universal Rotobolt lock and Premier keypad.

The Universal lock is a patented lock design, UL Type 1, VDS Klasse 2 lock.

The Premier keypad is bright chrome, angled front reading, with an LED to illuminate the keyapd when necessary and sliding door access to the battery compartment.

Features are 6 digit changeable code, simple code change, self - diagnostics via the keypad, low battery indication, and quick and easy installation.

The Universal lock comes from the factory set to a service code of 5-5-5-5-5-5 when this code is changed the user code is automatically added and set to 1-2-3-4-5-6.

The service code should then be recorded and kept in as safe place.

The Service code can be used to change the user code or to reset the lock back to factory mode.

The user code can be changed at any time by the user once it has been activated on the lock.

Entry of four consecutive invalid codes will cause a five minute penalty period where no entries will be accepted.

During this period the LED will flash every 10 seconds and any keypad press causes a long signal.

After expiration, entry of two more invalid codes restarts five minute penalty period.

Universal lock uses one 9V battery not supplied.

Fresh Duracell or Energizer batteries recommended.