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Yale YRD110ZW Z-Wave Key Free Push Button Deadbolt.

$169.99 USD

Design Features

Smallest residential keypad to enhance curb appeal

Fast Z-Wave® enrollment with the push of a button

Universal lock and program symbols for ease-of-use

Enhanced interior design to reduce complexity and installation time

 The Features You Need with the Quality You Expect.

Motorized tapered deadbolt

Fully gasketed installation

4AA batteries included

9V battery backup  

Illuminated keypad

Certified ANSI/ BHMA Grade 2



Absence of the cylinder provides a "clean" appearance, yet means that lock picking or bumping are virtually impossible. In the unlikely event the batteries die - a 9V battery provides enough power to enter the code and gain access to the lock.


 - Simple, elegant, tamper-resistant keypad

 - Illuminated keypad for night time access

 - For use on all standard interior and exterior doors

 - Tapered bolt accommodates misaligned doors

 - Z-Wave 

 - Sleek aesthetics

 - Operational efficiency

 - Completely eliminate the need to manage keys

 -  No need to ever re-key - just set up a NEW access code

 -  Increased security  


Door Specs:     

2 1/8" Face Bore, 1" Edge Bore

2 3/8" or  2 3/4" Backset

Door Thickness:

B1L   1 3/4" to  2 

Product Measurements"

Length        Width               Height   

(off door)   (across face)   (vertical)

Push Button Key Free B1L Deadbolt: 

Exterior    15/16"   2  3/4"   5  1/8"

Interior    2  1/8"   3"  6  7/8"