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2N 01275-001 Touch Display Module F/ Verso intercoms and Access Unit devices

$885.99 USD

2N IP Verso Overview

The weather-resistant Touch Display Module is designed to be used with Verso intercoms and Access Unit devices from 2N. It provides access code entry via a touch keypad and can store up to 10,000 contacts. This touch display features a 320 x 214 resolution, a 4" LCD screen, a 400:1 contrast ratio, an 80° field of view from all directions, and an IK07 rating for impact resistance.

Compatible with Verso intercoms and Access Unit devices from 2N
Brightness of 350 cd/m²
Tree data structure phone book with a capacity for storing up to 10,000 contacts
Scramble keypad to prevent onlookers from detecting the access code
Search function via LCD screen
Display can be read in total darkness and in direct sunlight
Capable of presenting a slideshow during idle time

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