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3XLOGIC Infinias S-EIDC32 Ethernet Integrated access Door Controller w/32 bit

$449.99 USD

InfiniAs eiDC32 intelli-M ethernet-enAbleD integrAteD Door Controller
The eIDC32 delivers the power you need in the smallest form factor in the industry. The high-performance eIDC32 door controller can handle more cards, more schedules and more functions than any single door controller on the market – making it an advantaged solution for virtually any access control installation.
  • Compact single door controller mounts at the door in a double gang box for easy installation
  •  Uses existing network infrastructure and connects to closest network switch with single Cat 5/Cat 6 cable
  •  PoE carries both data and power for controller and peripheral door hardware
  •  Peer-to-peer communication keeps data flowing even if a server connection is interrupted
  •  3-state alarm monitoring and anti- passback for enhanced security
  •  Buffers up to 16,000 local events when disconnected from the host (so events are never lost)
  •  Secure transmissions with end-to- end AES 128-bit encryption
  •  Embedded web software for single-door standalone applications enables browsing through controller
*Supports DHCP and Static IP addresses.