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Alarm Lock

Alarm Lock Door Lock USB Gateway, Portable, Networx Door Locks AL-IME-USB

$211.14 USD

ALARM LOCK AL-IME-USB Door Lock USB Gateway, Portable, Networx Door Lock.

The AL-IME-USB Portable Gateway provides full Networx Gateway functionality without the need for a network connection. Simply insert the USB Gateway into your PC or laptop USB socket, and you can quickly create a wireless connection to your Networx door locks, with all data routed through the USB Gateway. In addition, the USB Gateway can be used in an existing system with standard Networx Gateways. The USB Gateway is a flexible device. No data is stored within the USB Gateway itself, and therefore a single USB Gateway can be switched seamlessly between computers running DL-Windows and even between DL-Windows accounts (the USB Gateway is automatically provided with the necessary lock data from DL-Windows each time communications are initiated with locks).

Portable Networx gateway

Allows communication with locks without using a network (very convenient if your network goes down)

Supplied with 6″ USB extension cable for computers with USB sockets positioned in close proximity

Supports up to 2000 locks

Range: 200 feet, depending on building construction materials

Input power supplied by PC or laptop