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Alula Outdoor WiFi 1080P Bullet Camera HD Video, Motion Detection CAM-OD-HS2-AI

$219.99 USD

Alula CAM-OD-HS2-AI Outdoor Bullet Camera with 1080P HD Video, Motion Detection & 90' of Night Vision

Expand the security perimeter of your customer’s property with Alula’s Outdoor Bullet Camera. Featuring full 1080P HD video, motion detection and 90 feet of night vision, the Outdoor Bullet Camera provides real-time viewing and recorded clips. Plus with Alula’s Smart Security app you can set up notifications that will alert your customers when suspicious motion activity is detected.

The Outdoor Bullet can be used as a stand-alone video surveillance system or as part of a more holistic security and automation system when paired with Alula’s Connect+ or BAT Connect. Offer customers what they need now, plus give them an option to an expandable security & automation platform in the future.