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Amsec 3275000 Dri-Rod Dehumidifier with Detach Plug 18 Inch

$49.99 USD


Protect your Valuables from rust and moisture damage with the AMSEC Dri-Rod Dehumidifier. This 18" long dehumidifying rod features a detachable plug for ease of installation; electrical access is required. Install using the brackets and screws provided, mounting the unit horizontally at the bottom of the safe. The surface of the dehumidifier is heated (less than 150ºF) to dry out the air around it, and create circulation of the warm dry air throughout the safe. This is due to the properties of the air, which expands and rises when warmed. Eliminate worries of dampness, mildew, condensation, humidity and the damage they can cause to the contents of your safe. 


18" Dehumidifying rod for safes

Remove moisture from even your largest home safe (coverage approx. 200 cubic feet)

Detachable cord and plug for easy installation

Mounting brackets and screws for installation included

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