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Applied Wireless Indentifications AWID KT-AWID-P-0 10 Pack Of Key Proximity Tags

$39.99 USD

KT-AWID-G-0 Keytag • Small, triangular shape, gray color • For key ring or keychain, or holding in ngers • Read range close to range with a proximity card • Keytag may be carried underwater for pool gates • ABS plastic material for endurance and long life
Read range of 3 - 19" (depends on reader)
Size: 1.57" x 1.38" x .22"
Dark gray/gray color
Proprietary encryption method
Increased security
No maintenance required
Battery free
Up to 72 quadrillion unique codes: 72,057,594,037,927,936
3 Open bit formats available at no extra charge
High security bit formats at minimal up-charge
Custom bit formats available
Customizable embossed logo with MOQ
Highly durable