Avycon AVT-BT800A-DU Body Temperature Detection Face Recognition access control

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Product Overview


The AVT-BT800A-DU terminal is specially developed for face recognition and temperature measuring applications. This terminal features non-contact temperature measuring, accurate recognition, high efficiency, and great reliability. Based on deep-learning algorithms, it integrates temperature measuring features together with the application for identity authorization and access control. This terminal can be used in a wide variety of scenarios, including general communities, schools, hospitals, scenic areas, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, and construction sites.

  • High accuracy IR body temperature measurement
  • Non-contact body temperature measurement
  • Highly accurate face recognition using deep learning algorithms
  • Real-time face recognition even with a mask on
  • Face liveness detection technology distinguishing real faces from fake face spoof attacks
  • 20,000 face capacity
  • Human-sounding voice prompts and alarms
  • Standalone device, ready for networking
  • 8 inch LCD screen
  • Temperature Measuring Accuracy: ±0.54°F (±0.3°C)
  • Face Recognition Accuracy: 99.7%
  • Face Recognition Duration: ?0.5s