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BEA Wireless Receiver Digital 12 to 24 Volt AC/DC 10RD433

$51.49 USD

BEA INC. 10RD433

Wireless Receiver, Digital, 12 to 24 Volt AC/DC, 30 Milliampere, 433 Megahertz, 2.125" Width x 2.75" Depth x 1" Height

The 433 MHz series transmitters and receiver are ideal for wireless activation and/or sequencing of automatic doors. These digital radio-controled transmitters and receivers are universally compatible with any type of automatic door application.


Delay or No Delay Programming Options

Up to 100 Transmitters Can be Programmed into a Single Receiver

Extended Hold Time Receiver will Hold Door Open for as Long as Button is Pressed

Can Remove Transmitter Codes Individually or All at Once