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BEA 1-Button Hard-Wired Digital Transmitter 433MHz 10TD433PB3V

$48.99 USD


Wired Transmitter, 1-Button, Digital, 3 Volt Battery, 100 Transmitter, 12 to 24 Volt AC/DC, 3 Milliampere, 433 Megahertz, 1.375" Width x 2.75" Depth x 0.6" Height

The 10TD433PB3V transmitter is a 1-button, hard-wired, digital transmitter w/flag connectors that is powered by a 3-volt lithium "button" battery. 10TD433PB3V transmits a unique rolling code each time the transmitter is activated to ensure a secure signal. Internal LED light signals activation. the 10TD433PB3V transmitter replaces the model 10TD43312V transmitter. Compatible with all automatic door 'remote' applications.

The 433 MHz Series is ideal for wireless activation and/or sequencing of automatic doors. These digital, radio-controlled transmitters and receivers are universally compatible with any type of automatic door application. Program up to 100 transmitters into a single receiver. Transmitter codes can be removed individually or all at once. The 433 MHz series features delay or no delay programming options for vestibule applications. Toggle or pulse mode is selectable by DIP switch. Choose 0.5 or 10 second relay hold time. The 433 MHz series is reliable and efficient.