Bosch Alarm Systems Touch Screen LCD Keypad Built-In Proximity Reader B942

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The B942 keypad is an SDI2 bus compatible device. The keypad features an illuminated touch screen and graphical interface. With an elegant design and low profile, the keypad fits with any modern decor. Each keypad has user adjustable options such as volume and brightness. They have four inputs and one output. The keypad shows system messages for all areas. System overview • For commercial use, install the keypad in building entrances and areas with unrestricted access. Mounting a keypad near exterior doors in hotel or business lobbies allows people to identify the type and location of the emergency. • For residential use, install the keypad near the front and rear entrances to the home. Install additional keypads in a kitchen or in a bedroom. • Use multiple keypads in a large building with many separate areas of security. Program multiple keypads to control multiple areas. • Audible tones from the keypad sounder alert personnel to fire events and assist fire fighters in locating the keypad.

Display The touch screen display uses icons, words, numbers, and symbols to show the status of the security system and for interacting with the security system. When several events occur, the keypad shows each event in order of priority. The keypad detects when a user approaches and automatically activates the display. User icons and keys The keypad greets the user with a home screen that shows the system status at one glance using a large icon. The user can change the system status by simply touching this home screen icon. The touch screen display also offers icons on the ribbon bar. These visually pleasing graphical icons are easy to use for accessing menus and other options. The keypad has a variety of keyboards for entering alphanumeric characters. The keypad screen has numeric keys and one function [CMD] key. When pressed, keys emit a muted beep. Use the keyboards for entering passcodes, activating commands, and entering alphanumeric characters.

Product Information


    • Color graphic touch screen display uses a combination of simple icons and text for easy operation
    • Built-in presence detector lights the display when user approaches keypad
    • Built-in proximity reader allows use of a token or card as replacement for a passcode, or for use with dual authentication for high security areas
    • Four inputs and one output provide cost effective expansion
    • Slim, modern design blends with any decor