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Bosch Flexidome 20MP Fixed Dome Camera, 3.7-7.7mm NDM-7703-A

$2,261.99 USD

Product Overview

The FLEXIDOME multi 7000i camera is built for highquality performance, featuring four independent imagers with motorized zoom/focus lenses. It helps to simplify installation and lower costs while maintaining flexibility in coverage. With four scenes simultaneously in a single camera, it is perfect for wide area coverage, traffic intersections and building corners. When the lenses are tilted at the right angle, the camera can even cover an area up to full 360°. Additionally, the zoom capability allows the camera to obtain detailed coverage for more distant areas.


20-megapixel multi-directional overviews

Four independent 5-megapixel imagers with separate remote zoom and focus lenses capture very highquality images with a total resolution of 20 megapixels.

Each of the four imagers can be set-up flexibly with 3- axis movement along a circular track. This enables surround coverage, capturing detailed images from every angle for comprehensive video coverage with four separate views from a single IP address.

High Dynamic Range
The camera has High Dynamic Range. This is based on a multiple-exposure process that captures more details in the highlights and in the shadows even in the same scene. The result is that you can easily distinguish objects and features, for example, faces with bright backlight.

The actual dynamic range of the camera is measured using Opto-Electronic Conversion Function (OECF) analysis according to IEC 62676 Part 5. This method is used to provide a standard result which can be used to compare different cameras.

H.265 high-efficiency video encoding

The camera is designed on the most efficient and powerful H.264 and H.265/HEVC encoding platform. The camera is capable of delivering high-quality and high-resolution video with very low network load. With a doubling of encoding efficiency, H.265 has become the new compression standard of choice for IP video surveillance systems.

Two-way audio and built-in microphone

Two-way audio allows the operator to communicate with visitors or intruders via an external audio line input and output. Alternatively, there is an integrated microphone to capture crisp and clear audio. By using the integrated or external microphone, audio detection can be used to generate alarms to alert the security operator quicker and act more proactively. If required by local laws, the microphone can be blocked via a secure license key.

Intelligent Video Analytics

The camera uses the latest generation of Bosch Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA). Specifically designed for the most demanding environments. It is extremely resistant to false triggers caused by challenging environments with snow, wind (moving trees), rain, hail, and water reflections. By using the zoom function of the lens, the camera can provide automatic person detection over distances up to 130 m / 430 ft.
Main Features
  • Four 5 MP imagers at 30 fps in one camera on a single IP address
  • Easy and flexible installation with four motorized zoom/focus lenses
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) to see every detail in both bright and dark areas of the scene
  • Built-in Intelligent Video Analytics to trigger relevant alerts and quickly retrieve data