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Cypress OSMIUM Basic OSDP-Wiegand Converter, Board Only OSM-1000-BRD

$212.99 USD

Cypress OSMIUM Basic OSDP-Wiegand Converter, Board Only OSM-1000-BRD.

The OSM-1000 OSDP-Wiegand Converter retrofits a legacy Wiegand access control system to use SIA's OSDP standard.

The OSM-1000 offers a choice of 2 operating modes. When used in PD (Peripheral Device) mode, it connects a traditional Wiegand reader to an OSDP access control unit. When used in ACU (Access Control Unit) mode, the OSM-1000 connects an OSDP reader with a legacy Wiegand access controller. Two OSM-1000 converters may be used together in opposite modes to connect a Wiegand reader to a Wiegand Access Controller, with an OSDP connection in between. The OSDP connection is securely encrypted when the OSM-1000 is used in Secure Channel mode.

The OSM-1000 is OSDP Verified, certifying that the device meets all independent conformance testing according to Security Industry Association specifications.