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Dahua 2MP IR Vari-Focal Starlight HDCVI Eyeball Security Camera A22DJAZ

$119.99 USD

Dahua 2MP IR Vari-focal Starlight HDCVI Eyeball Security Camera A22DJAZ

Functions | Starlight+ Technology

For challenging low-light applications, Dahua's Starlight low light Technology offers best-in-class light sensitivity, capturing details in low light applications. The camera uses a set of optical features to balance light throughout the scene, resulting in clear images in dark environments.

Three Signals over One Coaxial Cable

HDCVI technology simultaneously transmits video, audio, and data over a single coaxial cable. Dual-way data transmission allows the HDCVI camera to communicate with an HCVR to send control signals or to trigger alarms. 

Long Distance Transmission 

HDCVI technology guarantees real-time transmission over long distances without loss of video quality. HDCVI cameras provide the same resolution as most IP network camera systems using existing RG-59, RG-6, or CAT 6 UTP cabling. 


 HDCVI technology seamlessly integrates traditional analog surveillance systems with upgraded, high-quality HD video, making it the best choice
to protect security investments. The plug and play approach enables full HD video surveillance without the hassles of configuring a network.

Super Adapt

The Super Adapt function is a built-in algorithm that automatically adjusts the camera's optical settings as environmental conditions change to produce optimal video quality. This function helps to make initial configuration easy since it does not require setting the optical settings manually once the camera is installed.

Broadcast-quality Audio

Audio information is used as supplementary evidence in video surveillance applications. This HDCVI camera transmits audio signals
over the coaxial cable, eliminating the need for separate audio wiring. In addition, the camera uses unique audio processing and transmission technology that eliminates noise to best duplicate source audio, guaranteeing high-quality and highly effective audio information.

Multiple-format Support

The camera supports multiple video formats including, HDCVI, CVBS, AHD, and TVI. The camera can switch between these four formats via the switch located on the video output cable, making the camera compatible with not only HDCVI DVRs but also most existing HD/SD DVRs.