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Digital watchdog

Digital watchdog DWC-MTT4WiA 4Mp Varifocal Auto Focus Turret IP Camera W/IR.

$299.00 USD

MEGApix® 4 Megapixel Varifocal Auto Focus Turret IP Camera with IR
Model: DWC-MTT4WiA
This MEGApix® IP camera provides 4 megapixel resolution at up to realtime 30fps. The IP66-rated turret camera housing features a 360° camera gimbal for absolute view adjustment of the camera’s auto focus lens. All MEGApix® cameras are ONVIF conformant, assuring their successful integration with any open platform solution on the market.
Motorized Zoom Auto-Focus Lens
An Auto Focus lens with motorized zoom removes the need for the complicated and detailed manual focus adjustment or zoom configurations at the camera. The motorized zoom module allows you to adjust the camera's view and zoom remotely, without the need to be near the camera. Then, the autofocus lens communicates with the camera to automatically determine what area of the camera’s FoV should be in focus.
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
Wide Dynamic Range technology mechanically allows capturing an entire scene in challenging lighting conditions. One shutter is set to a short exposure, capturing the bright areas in the FoV, while the other is set for a long exposure, capturing the dark areas in the FoV. The camera then interlaces the images and combines them, capturing both areas with no loss of detail. This allows for an image capture even when there are very bright and dark areas in the camera’s field of view or images are distorted by a strong backlight.