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Ditek Fire Alarm Loop Circuit Surge Protection Module DTK-2MHLP24BWB

$96.99 USD

Product Overview:
The DTK-2MHLP24BWB provides surge protection for two 24V alarm system loop circuits in a field-replaceable module. Includes hardwired mounting base for easy installation.
  • Designed for ease of installation, with convenient field-replaceable modules, the 2MHLP protects two circuit pairs per module.
  • Applications include protection of 4-20mA current loops, alarm panel NAC, SLC and IDC loops, and burglar alarm panels.
  • Modular surge protector for current loops, fire panels, alarm panels.
  • Available from 5V-75V, withhard wire mounting base.
  • Multi-stage SAD technology provides the best possible protection
  • Field-replaceable modules with hard-wired multi-base mounting system allows you to protect up to ten pairs with a common ground