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DSC Power Supply for 3G4000 / LE4000, 3.8 VDC / 1 Amp, UL Listed ADP1310W-NAU

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Product Overview

DSC ADP1310W-NAU power supply for DSC Communicators 3G4000 / LE4000 The DSC ADP1310W-NAU is a power adapter that can be used with the 3G4000USA, LE4000-AT, GS3060, and 3G3070 cellular radios.

Most of these radios can be powered off of the alarm system itself, but if you're drawing quite a bit of power from the panel already then this adapter will provide the cellular radio with its own independent power source. The adapter measures 4" (H) x 2.375" (W) x 2" (D) in size and provides 13.8 VDC / 1A of power for the DSC cellular communicators. It is rated to be used on 100-240VAC power systems that are rated at 50/60Hz.