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E-Plex 2000 Push Button Electronic Lock E2031BLL62641

$349.99 USD

E-Plex 2000 Push Button Electronic Lock E2031BLL62641


The E-PLEX® by KABA® 2000 Series electronic push-button lock allows keyless access control with 100 individual user codes. Eliminates the problems and costs associated with issuing, controlling, and collecting keys and cards. Classroom/storeroom function provides exterior access by PIN code, but allows free egress. No wiring to install—battery operated. Nonhanded, field-reversible lock has a vandal-resistant, all-metal keypad and a solid cast exterior housing and lever. Features audible low battery alert, timed relock, codes for 1-time use, antitamper function (invalid entry), and total user lockout codes. SFIC model accepts Best® core and equivalents. Includes lock assembly, 3AA batteries (100,000 cycles), installation manual, template, reference guide, operations manual, and hardware.

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