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Emtek 96314 NEW Leaf Thickness Expansion! Heavy Duty, Square Barrel Solid Brass Hinges.

$61.82 USD

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Emtek's popular Heavy Duty, Square Barrel Solid Brass Hinge is now available in a new, thinner leaf option. 

While similar in style, the new Square Barrel Hinge option has a more standardized thickness of 0.125" vs the original 0.180" and features a small step on the wing near the knuckle which provides a more pronounced square hinge profile when the door is closed. 

The hinge barrel also features no exposed screws for an aesthetically clean look, unlike some other options on the market.

- Sold in Pairs, includes screws

4" x 4", Square Corners Square Barrel Heavy Duty Hinges Solid Brass - 0.125" Thickness