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Essex Electronics

Essex HEW-2 Hand-E-Wave Stainless Steel Hands Free Access Control Switch.

$194.99 USD

Product Overview

Zero Touch...

Introducing Hand-E-Wave™. A rugged, stainless steel, hands free switch with advanced 24GHz Doppler radar technology.

Ideal for use in sterile environments including hospitals, clean rooms and food processing plants, Hand-E-Wave's no touch switch activation helps reduce the spread of viruses, bacteria and infectious diseases. Stainless steel construction and a low profile design make Hand-E-Wave easy to clean and sanitize.


  • All Weather Design
  • Vandal-Resistant Construction
  • Touchless Switch Technology
  • Audio/Visual Feedback
  • Ideal for Use in Sterile Environments Such as Hospitals, Food Processing Plants and Clean Rooms, Hand-E-Waves Recessed Design and Stainless Steel Constction Make it Easy to Clean and Sanitize
  • Touchless Switch Activation Helps Reduce the Spread of Bacteria and Infectious Diseases