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Falcon 3' Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device Aluminum Finish 19-V-EO-SP28-3

$249.99 USD

Falcon 3' Surface Vertical Rod Exit Device Aluminum Finish 19-V-EO-SP28-3 

19-V Series

Non-handed vertical rod device

Panic exit hardware
Manufactured to the same standards as the 19 Rim, the 19–V exit device complies with most exit door requirements, and is fully reversible and surface applied. This device is regularly furnished with deadlocking top latch with latch retention and square bolt at bottom. The "EO" (exit only) device is ready to accept any trim function


  • All mounting screws are concealed. Furnished with sheet metal screws. Machine screws available, specify AMS.
Vertical rods:

  • Furnished to length based on 40 5/16" horizontal CL from finished floor and a 7'0" door standard. Variations from these standards must be specified when ordering.

  • 1 3/4" thick, wood or metal. Specify thickness if other than 1 3/4".


  • Field reversible.

Device Length: 36 Inch (3 Foot)

Door Height: 7 Foot (84 Inches)

Finish: 689/ALUM/SP28-Aluminum Painted

Finish Description: Aluminum Painted

Fire Rated: No

Function: Exit Only

Handing: Non-Handed

Length: 3' Device

Manufacturer: Falcon

Product Type: Exit Device

Series: 19 Pushbar

Stile: Narrow Stile