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Fibaro FGHC2 Home Center 2 Automation Controller USA-version.

$695.99 USD

Internet-Accessible Z-Wave Smart Home Hub

Fibaro Home Center 2 is an award winning smart home system. This router-like Z-Wave controller serves as the command center for your entire smart home network, providing an intuitive user interface on any computer or mobile device. Where ever you have internet access you can make changes to settings, monitor devices and check the status of them. The flexibility of Fibaro's micro modules and sensors allows the Home Center 2 to control  a multitude of scenarios. 

  • Manages up to 230 Z-Wave devices and supports scenes
  • Remote access via web page or mobile phone
  • Supports geo-localization, voice controls, and text message alerts
  • Fastest device of its kind
  • Simple installation, plugs into outlet and connects to web via Ethernet
  • Advanced backup and recovery system

  •  The Fibaro Z-Wave Home Center 2 makes it easy to manage a whole network of Z-Wave devices. Create scenes and automation triggers, and take advantage of advanced settings, like geo-localization and voice control.

    Easily automate events for a Z-Wave device or a group of devices. Automate your home according to weather or time of day up setting up triggers in the system's block-style interface for scene creation. 

    Home Center 2's Hardware

    The Home Center 2 runs a Linux web server and MySQL database housed in a brushed aluminum case. It features a fast, efficient Intel Atom 1.6GHz processor and large memory (1GB RAM, 2GB SLC hard drive) to ensure quick and reliable communication among all of your Z-Wave devices. The system also provides a recovery disc for easy system backups and recoveries. The disc is readily accessible anytime at the back of the unit, hidden behind the removable back panel. Because each disc is unique to each individual Home Center unit, unauthorized access is not a risk.

    Installation & Setup Details

    The Home Center 2 is fairly simple to set up. The unit plugs into a power outlet with the included adapter, and connects to your Internet router/modem/switch with the included Ethernet cable. All you have to do is remove the back panel, make the connections, and then snap the panel on again.

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