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FIBARO KeyFob FGKF-601 Z-Wave Plus Remote Control Keychain US-Version

$49.99 USD

Controlling KeyFob is very easy, and possible via 6 easy to press buttons that communicate with other connected devices within the ecosystem. Set predefined scenes like, "Good morning", "Good night", and "Relaxation time", and come home to a relaxing environment while soothing music starts to play and lights turn down to a comfortable even setting. 

KeyFob comes as a key chain in an organic and simple white color. 

  • Operates in the standard Z-Wave/Z-Wave Plus mesh network. 
  • Features a PIN code for maximum security. 
  • Battery-powered (battery can last up to 2 years with about 5 key presses per day). 
  • Ergonomic 2.75 X 1.5 inch plastic casing features a flattened ellipsoid shape. 
  • Controls devices that enable, disable, lighten/darken lighting and other mechanical devices. 
  • Key lock function. 
  • Emergency restoration option with the ability to set device back to factory default settings.

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