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Fire-Lite Alarm Communicator Compact Slave Digital 3-Channel Monitoring, 411

$394.99 USD

Product Overview

The Fire-Watch 411 Series from Fire.Lite are compact, multifaceted, slave Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitters (DACTs) designed for a variety of fire, and non-fire applications. The series consists of two models: the 411 and 411UD, providing three and four monitoring channels (inputs) respectively. These slave DACTs are a cost-effective solution for applications that require an existing (or new) Fire Alarm Control Panel to transmit system status to an off-site monitoring facility for Central or Remote Station compliance.


  • Inputs May be Individually Programmed to Monitor the Host Control Panel for Fire Alarm, Fire Trouble, Fire Supervisory, Process Monitoring, AC Power Loss, Security Alarm, Other (Fire and Non-Fire Events)
  • Fully Supervised Trigger Inputs Require a Contac t Closure for Activation
  • Dual-Line, Rotary or Touch-Tone-Dial Dact Interfaces to Public Switched Telephone Network
  • Includes 15 Reporting Formats, Including the Popular Ademco Contact ID Format
  • Made in USA