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Fire-Lite Alarm Low Frequency Sound Base Ivory B200S-LF-IV

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The B200S-LF-WH and B200S-LF-IV sounder bases are used with addressable detector heads.

The B200S-LF-WH/B200S-LF-IV low frequency sounder base generates a low frequency tone around 520 Hz. Studies have shown that low frequency au- dible devices that operate around 520 Hz are more effective in waking indi- viduals in sleeping areas.

The sounder base is capable of producing a variety of tone patterns, includ- ing the distinctive three-pulse temporal pattern (ANSI Temporal 3) fire alarm signal now required by NFPA 72 for commercial and residential applications. The B200S-LF-WH/B200S-LF-IV offers maximum flexibility in configuration and operation to meet or exceed the requirements of UL268 and UL464 for Continuous, Temporal 3 and March time patterns. The temporal 4 pattern meets all requirements of UL268 and UL2075, as well as, private mode setting of UL 464.

The B200S-LF-WH/B200S-LF-IV can be commanded by the Fire Alarm Con- trol Panel (FACP) to adopt the address of the attached sensor head, but as a unique device type on the loop. By using the address, the FACP can com- mand an individual sounder base to activate, or a group of sounders in a suite or other multi-room configuration. The command set from the panel can be tailored to the specific event, allowing selection of volume, tone, and group. The device offers two volume levels: 75 dBA and 85 dBA. The available tones are Continuous, ANSI Temporal 3, ANSI Temporal 4, and March Time. In ad- dition, some panels will offer the ability to command a custom tone pattern. Refer to the appropriate FACP manual for more information.

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