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Fire-Lite Intelligent Addressable Linear Optical Beam Smoke Detector OSI-RI-FL

$1,439.99 USD

The OSI-RI-FL intelligent addressable reflector-type linear optical beam smoke detector is uniquely suited for protecting large open areas with high ceilings, where spot-type smoke detectors are diffi- cult to install and maintain. Ideal applications are warehouses, atri- ums, aircraft hangers, sporting arenas and concert halls. The beam operates primarily on the principle of light obscuration using infrared. The OSI-RI-FL detector is a combined transmitter/ receiver that can be directly connected to an intelligent detector cir- cuit in LiteSpeed® or CLIP mode.


Aligning the imager to the reflector is extremely intuitive, fast, and accurate. Both the infrared transmitter and the CMOS imager are contained in a movable “eyeball” – an adjustable lens assembly that can move +/- 20° in the vertical direction and 50° in the hori- zontal direction.
Four LED directional arrows indicate the direction to move the lens, guiding the user to find the imager’s perfect alignment with the reflector.
Once the optimum alignment is found, indicated by all green arrows, the lens is locked with a slide lever. A paintable cover is then placed over the front to secure the lever in locked position.


The infrared transmitter and receiver imager generates a beam of light towards a high-efficiency reflector. The reflector returns the beam to the receiver where the received signal is analyzed. The change in the strength of the received signal when smoke enters the area between the unit and the reflector is used to determine the alarm condition. The receiver imager has a wide 12° field of view that automatically tracks the reflector in case of building movement or support structure movement. This allows the OSI-RI- FL to be highly resistant to movement, eliminating the number one cause of false alarms and/or faults with traditional beam detectors.


Optical filtering, high-speed image acquisition and intelligent soft- ware algorithms provide the OSI-RI-FL system with higher levels of stability and greater resistance to high level lighting variability. This provides better resistance to sunlight in its field of view, helping to prevent false alarms when saturated by sunlight, reflected sunlight or any other very bright light sources.


Advanced smoke imaging techniques allow the detector to avoid false alarms from partial and sudden blockage from foreign object intrusion.
Unique in the market, the sensitivity of the detector is selected and set automatically at the optimum sensitivity based on the size of the reflector measured in the field of view.

• Combined transmitter/receiver unit
• Wide 12° field of view
• Fast, easy, and intuitive beam alignment indicated by directional LED arrows
• Long range coverage of 16-328 ft (5-100 m) is standard; no sepa- rate long-range kit required
• Highly resistant to building movement; tolerates +/- 1° movement
• Resistant to strong light sources; does not alarm when saturated by sunlight
• Resistant to solid object intrusion
• Automatic sensitivity threshold level settings and drift compensa- tion
• 50° horizontal and 20° vertical beam adjustment
• Built-in imager heater
• Remote test station capable for electronic simulated smoke test from ground level
• Status LED indicators visible from the front and bottom • Paintable housing/cover
• Removable plug-in terminal blocks
• Optional heater kit available for the reflector