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Fort lock

Fort Lock CompX 5/8" Tubular Cam Lock (Gem) keyed Different MFW1058 KD

$16.99 USD

Cam locks are one of the simplest of lock fastenings. A metal plate, the cam (or pawl), is fixed to the lock's core and is rotated as the key rotates. This movement, typically through 90 or 180 degrees, is used to secure a door or flap, control mechanical linkages or operate separately mounted switches.

CompX Fort Tubular Cam Lock is multi-function. The concept of Multi-Function is to make one bag of components available to produce many different functioning locks (up to 12 different functions in our tubular lock bag). This enables the locksmith to carry fewer locks in inventory while still having complete stock on hand. Multi-Function bagged cam locks include our patented Wonder Washer, which allows for installation into either wood or metal without the use of a double “D” punch

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