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Hager 780-112 Series Roton Continuous Geared Hinge

$100.91 USD

Standard Duty Concealed Leaf Hinge. Single Pack with Drill Quick Screws.

Size 83".

Clear Finish

Hager Roton hinges are unique, aluminum geared hinges developed to outperform most other entrance components because the weight of the door is distributed along the full length of the door frame. Roton continuous hinges have been utilized in hospitals, schools, hotels, offices, airports, stadiums, storefronts, and commercial and industrial buildings in new construction and retrofit applications for over 30 years. Hager Roton continuous geared hinges are designed for superior performance. Because of this, we offer our lifetime warranty with confidence. ANSI Standards: 780 Series Roton continuous geared hinges are approved per ANSI A156.26 Grade 1 for 150 lb. doors. 780-112 concealed model is designed primarily for work involving new doors and frames, these models have parallel, fully concealed leaves. They can also be used on retrofit work where a new door can be ordered to fit an existing frame if the existing door is made of wood and can be reduced in size to accommodate the 5/16” (7.9 mm) hinge thickness, or the frame is to be replaced and can be furnished with an oversized header.