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Hall Technologies

Hall Technologies HDMI 2.0 Audio Inserter, Extractor, EDID Manager & Equalizer

$193.33 USD

The Hall Research HD-AUD-IO is an award winning HDMI audio extractor (de-embedder) and inserter (embedder).
The product also provides many benefits such as:

  • EDID management with learn and upload EDID functions
  • HDMI cable equalization (supports cable lengths to 20 meters)
  • Re-clocks video and negotiates HDCP overcoming incompatibility issues
  • RS-232 and contact closure to mute HDMI audio (or video)
  • Generates HDMI signal with audio only with no HDMI input
  • Simultaneously extracts Audio and allowing embedding of external audio

The product provides one HDMI input with a corresponding HDMI output. The HDMI input audio signal simultaneously extracts to both 2-channel L/R analog and Digital SPDIF (TOSLINK).

The product provides two audio inputs (analog and digital). Users can select which audio to embed in the HDMI output. It can be the same as the original HDMI audio (pass-thru), SPDIF digital, or 3.5mm L/R analog.

Advanced EDID management allows users to control the video portion as well as the audio part of the EDID. The EDID presented to the video source connected to the HDMI input can pass from the downstream device or emulate an EDID from internal memory. The device can also "Learn" the EDID connected to its HDMI output.

The product has a video bandwidth of 18 Gbps and supports resolutions up to 4K@60 Hz 4:4:4 with HDR. It supports HDCP 2.2 as well as HDCP 1.4 if needed.

The device has the ability to generate and output a blank HDMI signal with audio embedded even if there is no HDMI input; often referred to as "HDMI Audio Bridging". This is a convenient means to distribute audio only signals over an HDMI network.

The HD-AUD-IO has a configurable digital input terminal that can mute the audio and/or video. This allows users to quickly mute the audio on HDMI output by just sensing a contact closure making it ideal for priority page or emergency announcement situations.

The internal audio routing diagram is shown to the right. As it can be seen, the original HDMI program audio is always extracted, but the Audio in the HDMI output can be selected by the user to be pass-thru (same as HDMI audio input) or replaced by the external audio input (wither analog L/R or digital SPDIF). The selection is done using a button on the front panel.

Users can also use the HD-AUD-IO to mix in external audio with the HDMI audio by using a simple external audio mixer (such as low cost Fifine® N5). Just plug the L/R extracted audio from the HD-AUD-IO to the mixer and mix in any other source (such as output of a wireless microphone receiver), then plug the output of the mixer into the L/R input of the HD-AUD-IO!