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Hes 9600-630 Series Surface-mounted Electric Strike For Rim Device 12/24 VDC

$365.00 USD

The durability and strength of the ASSA ABLOY HES 9600 series of electric strikes was recently recognized and certified hurricane-strenghth wind resistant.

Lock and security company ASSA ABLOY's HES 9600 series of electric strike certified resistant to hurricane-strength winds under ANSI/SDI-BHMA 250.13 standard.The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the Steel Door Institute (SDI) and the Builders Hardware Manufacturers’ Association (BHMA), has certified electric strike series HES 9600 compliant with the ANSI/SDI-BHMA 250.13 standard to withstand hurricane-strength winds.

The 9600 is the leading electric strike in the HES Genesis III family of surface-mount strikes and is used with rim exit devices of up to ¾". The model that achieved certification for its resistance to severe windstorms – or hurricanes – is the same high-quality design that has been offering users security and peace of mind since early 2010.

A “severe windstorm” or hurricane is defined by the BHMA and ANSI standard as being a weather event with sustained winds or gusts of between 110 and 150 miles per hour. To meet certification requirements, an electric strike must preserve the closed door state and be functional after withstanding impacts of 350 ft-lbs, which is roughly equal in force to a 9 pound section of 2 x 4 flying at 50 feet per second and hitting the opening end on. It must then survive pressure variances of + 60ft-lbs of pressure over 3,500 cycles.

The national standard was developed because of safety concerns in the aftermath of devastating hurricanes and other damaging weather events during the 1990s. The goal of the standard was to encourage the development of systems that would maintain the protective envelope of the building and prevent doors and windows from being opened or breached by fluctuating pressures or flying debris.

The HES 9600 is the only certified windstorm-resistant surface-mount electric strike available, and is also certified UL 1034 burglary-resistant. It was shown to provide better-than Grade 1 strength and durability, as well as static strength of 1,500 lbs, dynamic strength of 70 ft-lbs and endurance of one million cycles in testing witnessed by a third-party standards organization in a UL-certified testing facility.