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Honeywell Home Wireless Hold-Up Switch/Transmitter Tamper Resistant 5869

$109.99 USD

Honeywell Home 5869 Wireless Hold-Up Switch/Transmitter Tamper Resistant

The 5869 Hold-Up Switch/Transmitter is a finger-operated RF transmitting device. It is typically mounted under a counter or money draw for inconspicuous operation. When the transmitter is activated, it emits an RF signal to the receiver. The security system control panel sends a burglary alarm to the central station when a RF signal is received from an enrolled Hold-Up Switch/Transmitter.

Once activated, the 5869 Hold-Up Switch/Transmitter can only be reset by the reset key. The 5869 also incorporates tamper switches that are activated when the cover is removed, or if the unit is forcibly removed from its installation location.

Main Features
  • No wires to run
  • Front and back tamper resistant
  • Easily Mounted
  • Quick enrollment
  • Includes 3-volt Lithium battery
  • Fully compatible with all VISTA Control Panels
  • Dimension: 1-15/16" W x 5-15/16" H x 1-3/16"D (50mm x 150mm x 30mm)
  • 345MHz Frequency