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Inovonics Wireless PIR Motion Detector w/ Pet Immunity EN1262

$192.99 USD


Motion Detector with Pet Immunity

The Inovonics EN1262 motion detector with pet immunity is designed for residential and low-traffic commercial applications, with less than 100 activations a day.  This PIR uses advanced signal processing to provide outstanding catch performance with unsurpassed false alarm immunity.  With Pet Friendly pet immunity, alarms triggered by animals are greatly reduced.

Key Features

  • Advanced digital signal processing recognizes human signature size and movement to reduce false alarms
  • Pet Friendly pet immunity greatly reduces alarms triggered by animals
  • Case and optional wall tamper included
  • Meets or exceeds BSI DD244 (Class VI)
  • 90 second sleep time increases battery life
  • Detection range of 40 feet (12m)

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