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KEYSCAN HID-C1386 Access Control Prox Cards ISO Graphics Quality, 36-Bit 50-pack

$389.99 USD

Proximity provides the highest level of convenience and ease-of-use available in access control technology, and is now the most utilized technology in new access control installations.Proximity cards and key-fobs need only be placed within proximity of their readers to activate the system. The technology is cost-effective and it is unaffected by dirty environments, weather conditions or strong magnetic fields. Because not everyone needs smart cards. Keyscan's 36Bit HID proximity readers and cards will continue to be the industry-leading solution. With a variety of readers and cards it is easier to upgrade to proximity and provides an alternate form of credential. Your investment in proximity is safe with Keyscan and HID.


125 kHz Proximity Card - Keyscan 36-Bit Format

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  • There are a Number of Styles that Include Clamshell and Graphics Quality Surfaces Optimized for Photo Id Printing. They Are Well Suited for More Demanding High Wear and Tear Environments