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NAPCO SLE-LTEV-Z StarLink Connect Universal LTE Cell/IP Alarm Communicator ZWave

$189.99 USD

The Napco StarLink Connect SLE-LTEV-Z is a universal dual-path (Cellular Verizon LTE/IP) alarm communicator plus built-in Z-Wave control that is designed for new or existing security systems. Napco's SLE-LTEV-Z is a reliable takeover device, that upgrades legacy security platforms to a modern, mobile experience. Much more than a basic communicator, this intuitive device smartly bridges intrusion security, video and automation.

Using the SLE-LTEV-Z you can stay connected all the time to your home or business. From any smart device you can keep an eye out on one property or many, get text or video notifications on events, on virtually anything, like temperature alerts, refrigerator door ajar/open, deliveries, scheduled events that did or didn't happen, alarms, video-verified openings/closings and more. See status and take charge of your smart security system, which can include, cameras, thermostats, lighting & locking, set on a whim, on schedule, or grouped together as a scene.

Add video monitoring and automatic video alerts and keep in touch with your home or business. With the SLE-LTEV-Z you can virtually be in two places at once. Get video alerts on things you choose to see, or pan cameras on demand; look in on an alarm events and cancel false ones. Check traffic and service levels to optimize staffing and customer care. Make sure a refrigerator full of food doesn't spoil when either your cold storage malfunctions or an employee does, leaving the fridge door ajar. Keep in touch with your home, look in on kids, pets or parents, etc. Get video, as if you're there, in the event an alarm happens; or, if something doesn't happen, like a child not returning from school when expected, or elders not journeying out, etc.

The Napco App keeps you actively connected and in charge. By having a SLE-LTEV-Z communicator installed you'll have remote full system management controls, a virtual keypad that matches the one on the wall; you can add or remove staffers and permissions; assign access codes or deactivate ID cards; allow temporary late-night delivery access. Additionally, you can lock up, turn HVAC down or lights off, when someone else forgot. If a door is opened or left open. If there's an alarm and the police respond. If someone arms or disarms your home security system - as usual, or unexpectedly, you'll know who and when.

Keep your property safe with 24/7 professional alarm monitoring services by GeoArm Security. For new systems or adding on to existing ones, StarLink Connect® not only provides smart business management control and convenience, but it also links your system to GeoArm's central alarm monitoring station wirelessly. The SLE-LTEV-Z utilizes today's fastest multibillion dollar cyberprotected Verizon cellular LTE network, instead of relying on phone lines that can be gone, cut or down.

Armed with the SLE-LTEV-Z, DiYer's can cut install time and simplify operations. The easy-to-install, dual-path alarm communicator is broadly compatible with common panels, such as Honeywell and DSC, giving existing systems a game changer upgrade for the 15-Million older panels online today.

Product Features:

  • Easy-to-Install Cellular based Connected Home/Business - Requires No Internet Connection at Premises
  • Upgrade/Takeover Virtually Any Existing Alarm System - Provide the Very Latest Features and the Smartphone Remote Interactive Control Today's DIYer's Want (growing list of major brands, i.e., Honeywell®, DSC®, Napco)
  • Upgrade Alarm Reporting to latest LTE network, Connected by Verizon™, for maximum cellular longevity and reliability nationwide, with unique dual diversity twin antennae design and Signal Boost™ circuitry
  • Easy Installation in Minutes & Real Equipment Cost Savings - 5-in-1 Functions from One Unit
  • Full Remote Up/Downloads
  • Smart Remote Virtual Keypad and SMS/MMS Text and Live Video Noti?cations using any/all keypad-bus activities and events - Powered by iBridge® (App on iTunes® & Google Play®)
  • Z-Hub also includes Built-in Z-Wave Device Control Hub for Connected Home/Business and Scenes
  • Near universal panel compatibility keyswitch arming for remote interactive controls
  • Auto-bus connection saves setup time, instantly joining existing panels.