Kant-Slam Hydraulic Gate, Door, Fence Closer

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The Kant-Slam® is a hydraulic gate and door closer designed to push a gate or door shut with adjustable hydraulic speed control. The design has been basically unchanged since it was originally invented. The New and Improved Kant-Slam® offers a patent pending cylinder that is more durable, operates more smoothly, is less prone to leaking, and eliminates problems associated with tampering through the elimination of the speed adjusting screw. The new patent pending cylinder adjusts the closing speed by simply rotating the cylinder one direction or the other. The new patent pending cylinder is manufactured out of aluminum and stainless steel to greatly reduce issues related to rust. In addition to the new patent pending cylinder enhancements, the Kant-Slam® springs are zinc-coated, while the rest of the Kant-Slam® parts are now powder-coated to further reduce rusting. 

All in all, the Kant-Slam® looks the same with the cover attached. The improvements are noticed in a much more durable, smoother operating, problem-free, and easier to maintain experience for the installer and user. The original patent has long expired on the Kant-Slam®, so there are cheap import versions on the market. With the improvements to the new Kant-Slam®, it is once again a unique and protected design that is 100% US manufactured and only available from Kant-Slam®.  


The Kant-Slam® is excellent for any self-closing gate or door requirement. It can be used on virtually any type of fencing material for residential, commercial, or secured access applications. The Kant-Slam® also meets self-closing gate swimming pool enclosure requirements! A special feature found only in the Kant-Slam® is that the closing pressure is self-contained within the unit and is transmitted through components of the closer to the mounting bracket on the frame. The result is no more pressure on the gate or door than from closing by hand. The exclusive Kant-Slam® unit is based on a toggle arrangement of four levers and a vertical cylinder filled with oil. The levers open as the gate or door opens and are closed by two strong springs. The toggle action causes leverage to increase as the spring tension decreases, giving ample closing force at the latching point. The Kant-Slam® self-closing unit is not affected by inclement weather and can be installed on gates and doors indoors and outdoors. The Kant-Slam® can be mounted on many types of gates and doors: including chain link gates, wood gates, aluminum gates, steel gates, vinyl gates, residential and commercial wood and steel doors. Kant-Slam® mounts on the opening side of the gate or door and gently but firmly pushes it to a closed position.

Kant-Slam Features



Self-closing unit complies with pool gate legislation restrictions.

Closes large or small gates and doors up to 150 lbs. - easily, gently and smoothly.

No more slamming gates.

Can be used for indoor or outdoor gates and doors.

Easily installed - no special skills required.

Self-contained unit to protect gate or door from strain or pressure.

No more wear than closing by hand - a special feature found only with the Kant-Slam unit.

Easy adjusting closing speed.

Installs on side, top, middle or bottom of right- or left-hand gate or door.

Hydraulic action gives ample closing force at the latching point while keeping movement gentle and smooth.

No noise - no hissing sound - no tremendous bang upon impact.

Low maintenance costs and increased operating efficiency.

Kant-Slam Specifications

Overall dimensions: 7 1/2" H x 13" W x 2 1/2" D.

Construction: Steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, Teflon, and oil-resistant neoprene packing.

Finish: Black, low gloss enamel.

Weight: 6 pounds (3 kg).

Mounting bracket measures 3 1/4" x 1 3/4" and is attached with four screws.