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Optex QXI-DT Wide Angle PIR Dual Tech Microwave & Outdoor motion sensor

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Product Details

The QX Infinity (QXI) series is a range of outdoor PIRs and dual-technology sensors providing 120° wide and 12m (40ft) detection area, which can be adjusted with the masking strips provided. Sleek and compact, the QXI sensors are small and well suited to any residential or commercial building as they provide reliable, animal tolerant intrusion and motion detection to trigger alarm panel of CCTV camera. QXI-DT is the hard-wired model with anti-blocking and dual-technology.

Dual-technology and Tough microwave module

The QXI series' integrated PIR and Microwave algorithm provides the ultimate stability in detection performance as the alarm is only triggered when both PIR and Microwave layers of detection detect motion. It features the Tough microwave module too, specifically developed to prevent corrosion from condensation and humidity.

Selectable mounting height

The QXI outdoor intrusion sensors can be installed at a high mount between 2.2 and 2.7m creating a multi-level volumetric detection pattern, allowing it to ignore small animals. In environments with larger animals, the sensor can be mounted between 0.8 and 1.2m height, to provide a pet alley.

Detection analysis to filter out false alarms

The QXI outdoor intruder sensors are designed to be not affected by environment or small animals. The alarm will not be triggered by changes of weather, vegetation sways or pets in the detection area, contributing to reliable outdoor detection. Additionally the series features double conductive shielding which filters out visible light and RFI disturbance.

QXI-DT is also equipped with Anti-blocking

The QXI-DT model offers an anti-blocking function in high mount utilising the microwave module to detect attempts to mask the sensor, particularly when the alarm is disarmed.


  • Approach
  • House
  • Garden
  • Driveway

Key Features

  • 12m, 120 degree outdoor PIR with anti-blocking
  • Dual-technology for greater stability, double layered detection and pet tolerant
  • High (2.2-2.7m) mount or low mount (0.8m-1.2m) for pet alley mode
  • SMDA logic and double conductive shielding to minimise nuisance alarms

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