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Paxton Access

Paxton Access Paxton10 Mini Bullet Camera – CORE Series 010-911-US

$204.99 USD

About – Embedded with Paxton’s own video management software, the Paxton10 Mini Bullet Camera is suitable for a range of environments. Ideal for wall mounting where surveillance cameras provide an effective deterrent. Video is recorded on the camera’s built-in SD card. Video recordings can also be stored on an external network drive.

Mini bullet, turret and PRO (256GB storage) options also available.

The Paxton10 cameras come with a 64GB SD card as standard. Please note, whilst the camera is covered by our 5-year guarantee, the SD card is a consumable item and is therefore excluded from the guarantee.

Installation – Paxton10 Cameras are equipped with the latest technology and our own video management software, eliminating the need for configuration. The cameras are directly connected to the network and powered via TCP/IP and will be visible in the Paxton10 Software under the devices menu. Add the camera to the system and name it as appropriate. No further configuration is required.

Operation – The Paxton10 Cameras support a number of useful video management features, including:

  • ‘Live View’ and recorded video
  • Video export
  • High-speed scrubbing
  • Bookmarking
  • Smart search
  • Motion detection4MP resolution for high quality video capture
  • 64GB on camera storage included as standard
  • Industry leading low light performance (0.003 Lux)