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Paxton Access

Paxton Access Net2 I/O Board Connects Directly To A LAN/WAN 489-710-US

$375.94 USD

About – The Net2 I/O board consists of 4 inputs and 4 outputs. It connects directly to a LAN/WAN via an onboard RJ45 connector. I/O boards can be distributed around a building as required. Inputs and outputs can be controlled using the Net2 software ‘triggers and actions’ feature. The I/O board can be supplied as PCB only, in a plastic housing or mounted within a 2A boxed metal/plastic mains monitored backup power supply.

Installation – The unit is provided with a label clearly showing the connections. The I/O board is fitted with the same ‘rising clamp’ connectors as the Net2 control unit.

Operation – The I/O board’s inputs and outputs are configured using the Net2 software ‘triggers and actions’ feature.

The Net2 I/O board is simple, yet powerful addition to the Net2 system. It can be wired alongside a Net2 door controller, to switch power on and off to electrical equipment to save money and energy. The board can control lighting, heating, water and air conditionoing by using the triggers and actions application in the Net2 software. These actions can be programmed for a particular time, or in response to a specific Net2 event.

Please note, I/O boards work as part of the Net2 system. They are not door controllers.