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PAXTON ACCESS 690-222-US Hand Free Keyfob, NET2AIR, Wireless, Active & Passive.

$49.99 USD

The hands free system increases the effective read range of a standard Paxton P or KP series reader. Standard tokens use the readers radio field to power the token but hands free tokens have a battery and so only require a much weaker signal to be activated.
The system comprises of a compatible reader (see read range table), a hands free interface and hands free tokens (keycard or keyfob). The system operates by using the reader to wake up the battery powered token which then communicates with the interface and its long range receiver aerial.
Existing P and KP readers can be used without modification. The hands free interface takes its power from the control unit and therefore does not require a power supply.
Hands free tokens also include a standard PROXIMITY ID chip and can therefore be presented to any compatible proximity reader whether they are using the hands free interface or not.

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