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Paxton Access

Paxton Access Paxton10 PaxLock Pro-Latch Galaxy Internal (White) 900-620WT-US

$699.99 USD

About – Paxton10 PaxLock Pro – Latch is a wireless door handle with access control built-in. The design comes ready to install with a tubular latch for a quick and simple installation to conveniently secure internal doors. The robust design is UL-294 rated for reliability of construction, performance and operation, ensuring it is built to last and secure internal doors. Available with an Eclipse or Galaxy handle, and a black or white fascia.

Standalone – for use on sites not requiring the additional functionality of an online system. With a flexible upgrade path from standalone to networked, allowing your system to grow to suit your needs.

Networked – communicates with the Paxton10 server using Bluetooth® frequency-hopping technology to give the advantages of a wireless networked access control system.

Please note: Wiegand output mode isn’t supported on our PaxLock product range.