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Potter Electric

Potter Electric High Security Contact Switch HSC-1 30 VDC 2020350

$146.99 USD

The Model HSC is a High Security Contact Switch to monitor the open or closed position of safe and vault doors. The switch includes design features, which makes it highly defeat resistant in critical environments.


  • Triple-Biased, SPDT (Form C) Reed Alarm Switches in the Switch Unit with a Magnet Array in the Magnet Unit, Makes the Defeat of the Switch with an External Magnet Virtually Impossible
  • Magnetic Field Tamper Output Added to Further Resist Defeat with an External Magnet or Magnet Array Assembly
  • Hidden Pry Tamper, SPST (Form A) Alarm Switch Output
  • For Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Lead Type-8 Foot Flexible Stainless Steel Armored Cable
  • Narrow Housing Allows for Mounting on Narrow Door Frames
  • Gray Powdercoat Aluum Housings with Protective End Caps