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Potter Electric

Potter Electric Electronic Vibration Detector with Remote Pickup EVD-2

$379.99 USD

The EVD-2, Electronic Vibration Detector System, is listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. for primary protection of Mercantile or Bank, safe or vault, ATM machines and supplementary protection of interior units such as file cabinets, display cases, walls and ceilings. The System must be used with an appropriate UL listed control unit. The standard EVD-2 system consists of a model EVD-M controller and a model EVD-R remote pickup.


  • Detects all common threats to safes and vaults.

  • Sophisticated signal processing provides unprecedented sensitivity

    without false alarms.

  • Expandable system allows up to 15 remote pickups, (Model EVD-R).

  • Reliable, sensitive piezo sensor technology.

  • On board high security safe contact interface.

  • Integral, multi-color status LED.

  • Built in test circuit on both controller and remote pickups.

  • Remote test and annunciator capabilities.

  • Supervised microprocessor.

  • Independent tamper output.

  • On board test point facilitates installation and service.

  • Built in accumulator.