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Potter Electric

Potter Electric Signal Vibration Detector Remote Pickup EVD-R

$109.99 USD

Product Overview

The EVD-R remote pickup detects attack vibrations with the same vibration sensing components as the internal pickup on the EVD-M controller. The EVD-R amplifies and transmits these vibrations to the EVD-M controller.

A cover tamper and a back tamper protect the EVD-R from cover removal or prying. If either of these tampers activate or the tamper from the safe contact interface activates, the EVD-R will signal a tamper condition to the EVD-M. During a tamper condition, the EVD-R network is fully capable of signaling alarm conditions to the EVD-M controller. If more than five EVD-R remote pickups simultaneously signal tamper to the EVD-M controller, the EVD-M will signal an alarm.

The EVD-R contains a magnetically activated test switch that permits testing of each EVD-R in the remote pickup network. The EVD-R provides terminals for the connection of dry contacts from any Underwriters Laboratories listed safe contact.